Ananti is located in your
most precious space.

Ananti is surrounded by 600 acres of primeval forest endowed by uninterrupted views and moments of the wide ocean. What is more, it represents the heart of Korea’s latest trends. Ananti is in the heart of Mother nature and among the most desired destinations. The staff at Ananti is proud to lead by example in ensuring privacy of members and continue to provide state-of-the-art services. Only here at Ananti, members can fully enjoy the benefits of nature and focus on finding his or her true selves. Ananti’s facilities are easily accessible from the city, outperforming others in terms of usage. Many other clubs may also highlight their natural environment, easy accessibility, and convenience. However, it is only Ananti that meets the heights of excellence in all three aspects that members desperately seek.

The best destination
for all family

Ananti Cove is a large town consisting of the most unique hotel, Hilton Busan; Korea’s best hot spring, Water House; gathering of some 15 genuine lifestyle brand shops, Ananti Town; and, members only Ananti Penthouse and private residences. The Ocean Infinity Pool is 18.5m X 40m X 1m in size and is the largest pool to be in a five-star hotel in Korea. Eternal Journey is more than a book store but a culture complex. McQueen’s Lounge on the 10th floor of Hilton Hotel offers a breath-taking view. An exclusive walking trail alongside the private beach coastline stretches out by one kilometer. Ananti Penthouse Haeundae promises utmost privacy to guests. These features and more will be everything vacationers ever wanted.

Nature’s Hidden Fortress
in the Wooded Forest

Only 20 minutes on the Olympic Highway, Ananti Penthouse lies on more than 600 acres of land in the great nature, and provides utmost privacy unexperienced by any Seoulites until now. There are four major types of floor plans – Terrace House, Pool House, Murata House and The House – designed on a beautiful landscape, and they provide the most peaceful leisurely stay, as well as various energizing outdoor activities, such as walking trails and refreshing swimming in the outdoor pool. There are also open-air hot spring spa, academy to accommodate children’s fun stay, and infant and toddler lifestyle shop offering various enjoyments. For a cultural enrichment experience, Ananti Penthouse offers many classical and modern art performances, making it the perfect destination for family retreat.

The first sea-side golf
course in Korea

Ananti Namhae is located among endless and graceful islands on the South Sea of Korea (Namhae). It was awarded the renowned World Travel Award 11 years in a row as the best resort in Korea in name and reality. Its oceanic climate generates mild climate throughout the year and is the first sea-side golf course in Korea. Spread among 180 acres of land with an 18-hole golf course, this amazing resort brings both the joy of this graceful sport and the blissful view of the South Sea of Korea. The 18-hole course consists of 11 holes with a full view of the sea and 7 holes adjacent to the ocean.

Culture complex for
a diverse experience

The Ananti Club Cheongdam is located at the center of Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, the place where trend leaders gather, for the lady members of Ananti. Its secret garden is filled with flowers and trees, boasting high ceilings, a spacious and wide lounge, and two private rooms to generate a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The staff at Ananti Club Cheongdam will continue to make concerted efforts to satisfy the members’ aspiration to deepen their insights and brilliance by holding private regular classes regarding the arts, humanities, fashion, and beauty, and other cultural experiences, such as salon concerts, and film screening.